“Achieving vibrant & dynamic health is one of our greatest gifts and the focus of my work. As a physician, I strive to: know & understand the people I am honored to care for, take the least invasive action required for healing from illness, educate about preventative medicine & act as a healthcare liaison & advocate for the underserved.”

 -Dr. Hilary Costello


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As a physician, botanical medicine is how I heal people from sickness and bring individuals to a higher level of health and wellness.  Medicinal plants are what I grow in my own garden. They are what I seek out in my travels and on simple walks. They are what I study in my medical books.  The natural world is my paradise with seemingly limitless boundaries.  We coexist as living organisms and our histories run long and deep throughout the world.

As an artist, I am embarking on a visual and educational journey to explore 365 specifically selected plants that are used as medicines on the planet.  With 7 continents, 5 oceans and a botanical history spanning over 8,000 years, the number 365 represents 1 year of human interaction with plants in all its biodiversity and beauty. I am documenting plants as a visual scientist to better understand the properties that evoke mystique and healing for the human body and spirit.

Globally,  we choose plants as our medicines in astounding numbers and these numbers continue to grow each year.  There is an international movement of consumers choosing natural foods and medicines as a primary way to achieve and maintain better health.  Healthcare in countries big and small, support individuals in this movement as it is a key part of disease prevention. 

We have moved away from the concept that there is only one method or treatment therapy of choice.  We now agree that lifestyle choices are a key part of maintaining good health.  As a significant percentage of our current medicines are derived from plants, my goal is to provide a visual and ethnobotanical knowledge base for physicians, patients, and the general public in respect to the plants.  It is of interest to me to present the chemical components that interact with our human biochemistry and synergize our own individual biochemical reactions.

Chemistry and botanical medicines are the subjects of my work.  The human experience and our interaction with plants is woven into the fabric of my project design.  The creative abstraction of line, visual symbols and color are crucial to my presentation. Botanical accuracy for plant identification and capturing of the essence of the plant as medicine evolve visually and intellectually within the discovery process of the 365 plants.  I begin with my symbolic top 52 choice plants that span therapeutic roots, barks, leaves, flowers, mushrooms and seaweeds.  I hope to create a bridge between art and science, medicine and plants, people and their healing.






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